Monday, November 15, 2010

Positive Thinking

I remember growing up my mother used to always preach about positive thinking and as any normal child at times I got tired of hearing the same things over and over again. But I now Love the fact that my mother was steadfast in her preachings because it is now that I am able to use all of her teachings and appreciate her prayers.

I have been overwhelmed lately with just life in general and I started to forget one of my mother's key teachings of thinking positive. Positive thinking is so important it keeps you in high spirits when you're down and gives you that boost that you might need to get through your day. To think positively is to believe that things are and will be better. And what do you do when you see someone that has it off worse than you? You thank God and continue to look forward to greater days. For the power of positive thinking is phenomenal. What we think is very very very important. If we think we are stressed, we will be stressed. If you think you're not beautiful, then insecurities will build up and you will believe you aren't beautiful. If you think you aren't going to make it life, that negativity will follow you into a rut. Thus in all types of situations no matter how hard it is: Think Positively. I believe no one will loose out in life if they think positive.

Remember the mind is a very powerful tool! So use it to your advantage and make your life shine through the abundance of your thoughts! and trust me your days will be brighter and your nights like noonday! Toodles


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Blessing said...

So true!! Thanks for sharing....I so needed that!

I'm off to think postively now! :-)

bob-ij said...

Ohhh...I was in the same spot. And I kept reading things about making up your mind to change your day! And I almost always felt better!

Positive all the way!


Zena said...

I made a decision lately to stay positive, think positive, like you said Its not always easy, but as long as you've made the decision to do it...You're good.

It seems the positivity train has hit blogsville. And I just discovered this LighthouseFamily song that says
♪ Who says you can't be Happy all the time? Say what you like but I'm still going to try♪


Nice Anon said...

Right now I am in a very read VERY happy place in my adult life. God is great!

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Yo, positive thinking has totally changed my life this year. If you haven't-I recommend reading The Secret.