Monday, December 20, 2010

Stuck in the Snow

I am stuck in the UK until later this week due to London Heathrow, specifically British Airways, cancelling all of their flights on Saturday. I am so disappointed; it's disheartening.

I never thought in a million years I would despise the sight of snow falling. In fact, right now I hate the snow. Just pray for me that I get out of the UK for Christmas, I really want to be home for the Holidays. I hope everyone has been having a more pleasant week than I. I always try to see the positive side to every plight, spent more time with my Ace and him. Lift me up in prayers!

P.s. Thanks for all the comments and emails for my Birthday! I will post pics up shortly!


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Get Serious

Sorry for the long vacation from blogging but honestly life has been crazy! I wanna blog, then forget, or something comes up... I never knew Pharmacy School would make be sooo apprehensive and anxious along with being stressed! Its December and I have yet to complete all my studying (almost there) and dissertation all that needs to be done as soon as possible, none the less, the last few months have put my life of mine that God has blessed me with in more perspective!

I have noticed that while I am very talented in a lot of areas, I often lack the drive to complete projects or things until the pressure is on, for lack of better words. And that is not good! I need to step up my game and get serious! Procrastination is not good in anyway whatsoever; however, its the way I have lived my life for the last 25 years (26 on Tuesday WHOOOP WHOOOP! I embrace my age, not one to say I am 21 five times I never got that you know!) and I just need to get serious and get my act together.

I don't wanna be one of those people that say oh I am gonna do X, Y and Z, and only complete X but too late for it to have any effect. I want to consistently be growing, making improvements, setting out on business ventures and learning. But my lazy, procrastinative nature is annoying, I am at that stage where I am like Okay Ag enough is ENOUGH! So 2011 needs to seriously be a year of change for me, to be more calculated, organized, prepared, and determined! Let's see how my 'Time to Get Serious' spirit last! (It better last jor! In fact it will, in Jesus Name!)

I am so elated this week will be a very busy but interesting and fulfilling week, have presentations, friends and family coming in town from Nigeria and Yankee, My birthday (Dec. 14th), My 'Flatmate' a very close friend of mine is leaving, interviews, and I am going back to America FINALLY!! I can't wait, I need some retail therapy esp. in the thrift stores! So its gonna be a great week. And I can't wait to see my family and friends!!! *Dancing*

I pray your week is just as busy and well worth it. I need to utilize all the God given talents that God has blessed me with with. Time to get Serious!!! Let's go!!!


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Positive Thinking

I remember growing up my mother used to always preach about positive thinking and as any normal child at times I got tired of hearing the same things over and over again. But I now Love the fact that my mother was steadfast in her preachings because it is now that I am able to use all of her teachings and appreciate her prayers.

I have been overwhelmed lately with just life in general and I started to forget one of my mother's key teachings of thinking positive. Positive thinking is so important it keeps you in high spirits when you're down and gives you that boost that you might need to get through your day. To think positively is to believe that things are and will be better. And what do you do when you see someone that has it off worse than you? You thank God and continue to look forward to greater days. For the power of positive thinking is phenomenal. What we think is very very very important. If we think we are stressed, we will be stressed. If you think you're not beautiful, then insecurities will build up and you will believe you aren't beautiful. If you think you aren't going to make it life, that negativity will follow you into a rut. Thus in all types of situations no matter how hard it is: Think Positively. I believe no one will loose out in life if they think positive.

Remember the mind is a very powerful tool! So use it to your advantage and make your life shine through the abundance of your thoughts! and trust me your days will be brighter and your nights like noonday! Toodles


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update Heaven

Hey everyone. It is becoming busier and busier for me as the weeks go by. Have you ever felt like the days are flying by so fast that you can't keep up. You're Daily plans or *Things To Do* list is always long and you barely complete half of the list? That is I how I been feeling lately. Between starting the introduction and literature research for my dissertation, work base placements in hospital pharmacies, trying to squeeze in designing, studying, and now I have added a fashion blog in the mix....Life is just busy, to be simply put. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

My New FASHION & LIFESTYLE blog is Entitled: ZeldanFestus. Make sure ya'll check it out....I named it after my upcoming line. (I pray I finish this collection because I always start because of school) pharmacy school as stolen my time, along with the daily endeavors of life in

Humm what else. Is it just me or is EVERYONE AND their momma moving back to Nigeria. I mean dang, everyone in Yankee and Jand are exiting back slowly but surely....and honestly; I want it to stop!!!!!! I mean what are my friends thinking I want my friends to be in Jand and Yankee...yes for selfish reasons but I am not denying that. I want to be selfish and have my friends stay in the western hemisphere, sitting put for when I want to come and visit!!! However, on another note I would not want to be the one holding someone back if they have the opportunity to move ahead and progress in life. SO goodluck to all my friends moving back to Naija...

I have joined the gym recently. To increase my stamina, tone, reduce, and just feel more healthier. But get this I went to the gym for 2 months straight and I have gained weight not lost!!???!! I am not lifting another weight until I do straight cardrio for a 4 weeks. I hate muscle weight gain. SO wish me luck, as i turn slowly into a fitness freak.

It's so funny beccause I love food, cooking is my new found hobby, and these days I can whip just about anything up in a heart beat. The key to being a good cook is not being afraid to experiment and try new things but most importantly having a cupboard full of spices and sauces that will make magnificent dishes.

I hope everyone has been well, and I will try to be updating more in the near future, but you know school comes first even if I wished it wasn't the case!!!! lol....

Until next time,

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