Monday, December 20, 2010

Stuck in the Snow

I am stuck in the UK until later this week due to London Heathrow, specifically British Airways, cancelling all of their flights on Saturday. I am so disappointed; it's disheartening.

I never thought in a million years I would despise the sight of snow falling. In fact, right now I hate the snow. Just pray for me that I get out of the UK for Christmas, I really want to be home for the Holidays. I hope everyone has been having a more pleasant week than I. I always try to see the positive side to every plight, spent more time with my Ace and him. Lift me up in prayers!

P.s. Thanks for all the comments and emails for my Birthday! I will post pics up shortly!


Mood: Hopeful

I-Pod Tune: 'So Appalled' - Kanye West


Nice Anon said...

seeing as you've deleted this blog link from you profile. it is very hard to find this blog!

Well things are all worked out now so hope you enjoy your holiday. Happy New Year!

BSNC said...

i saw it in the news. So you were among the people stuck in heathrow. Hope you made it here for xmas and it was nice?

Compliments of the season and happy belated birthday..

Darby said...

:( I'm so sad that I missed you!